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Prove Your Resume Claims with a Career Performance Portfolio

Prove Your Resume Claims with a Career wertzuwachs Portfolio Prove Your Resume Claims with a Career Performance PortfolioEmployers are skeptical and for good reason Most have looked at hundreds or thousands of resumes, many making claims that eventually prove to be a stretch at best and outright lies at worst. In fact, almost every employer has a story about a person who looked good on paper but turned out to be the employee from hell.Every hiring manager has been burned at least once, says Rick Nelles, president of Career Directions, a Minneapolis-based corporate recruiting firm.So when your resume crosses an employers desk, he isnt likely to give you the benefit of the doubt where the claims on your resume are concerned -- he is going to want proof. One great way to provide that proof is a career wertmiger zuwachs portfolio.A portfolio simply collects classroom, work, internship or volunteer materials in a nice three-ring binder to bring to interviews. During each interview, you ca n then show your portfolio to the interviewer and back up what youre saying about your education, skills and experience.Its one thing, for example, to say, I have excellent communication skills. Its quite another to support that gutachten with a portfolio including the guest column you wrote for the student newspaper, or the brochure you designed for your student organization.A resume proves nothing. It only makes claims, stresses Nelles, who writes about developing and using portfolios in Proof of Performance How to Build a Career Portfolio to Land a Great New Job. Your career performance portfolio is the presentation tool that will help you validate your job performances and resume claims.At the same time, says University of Washington career counselor Kate Duttro, you can employ your portfolio as a facilitation tool in your interviews -- a resource to present yourself more effectively with something beyond your mere words.It will relieve some of your nervousness by putting the fo cus on an object -- your portfolio -- so that you dont have to draw all of the information you want to communicate out of yourself, in a situation where youre likely to be tense in the first place, says Duttro, who has researched and taught about portfolios for 10 years. And because its visual, its much more easily remembered than a verbal statement like, Yes, I can do that.Think you dont have anything worth showing off in a portfolio? Think againThe outstanding papers youve written for various courses will highlight your written communication skills, as well as your organizational and analytical abilities.The thank-you note you got from the manager at your summer job will help demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty in your work.The videotape of your final presentation in Speech 101 will give prospective employers a sense of how well you can deliver information to your peers and answer questions.The posters you whipped up on short notice for your studen t groups recruitment drive will give prospective employers a sense of your design abilities, computer skills and ability to meet tight deadlines.The photos you have of yourself volunteering to help build a Habitat for Humanity house over spring break will demonstrate your real commitment to worthy causes and serving other people.Portfolio possibilities are limited only by your imagination and willingness to invest extra hours in a tool few other candidates will have.I cant guarantee that a portfolio will get you a job or that every employer will want to see your portfolio, writes portfolio expert Martin Kimeldorf in, Petersons Portfolio Power The New Way to Showcase All Your Job Skills and Experiences. But I can say with confidence that collecting samples and crafting a portfolio showcasing your accomplishments will increase your power to communicate your worth to employers, customers or clients.Ask a campus career counselor to help you develop your own career performance portfolio, and check out the Portfolio Library as a resource.

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The War Against How to Make a College Resume

The War Against How to Make a College Resume Who Else Wants to Learn About How to Make a College Resume? Once you get a new experience, college it. Youre going to find the ideal college application resume on Earth. A student that has a purpose to transfer or apply into his or zu sich preferred university or school campus for enrollment, a fantastic college resume is going to be a great and effectual tool to produce that happen. Read below for suggestions on how to compose a strong college resume. The Argument About How to Make a College Resume Hiring managers are likely to be searching for visually appealing resumes, something which follows a wonderful format and flow. As a very good guideline, your resume shouldnt be longer than a couple of pages. There are four outlets where the executive resume video is able to help you land that 6-figure career. When you havent been to a career fair yet, they may be a small crazy. Some time that it happens that candidate has more th an 1 experience. Particularly considering that the executive of the company will utilize it like a tool to rate the candidate. Lets walk through three distinct resumes for different kinds of post-college jobs. The True Meaning of How to Make a College Resume Our purpose is helper make the creation process simple for you. Writing a resume isnt an easy job. Therefore, if your student intends to work while theyre in school or simply wishes to be ready for graduation, developing a scholarship resume now gives them the framework they have to receive one ready for work applications whenever the time comes. When narrowing down what to include, concentrate on the things which demonstrate a high degree of effort and time commitment. Which means that you need to understand the way to create the best page as youre in a position to send to the organization and offer good first impact about yourself. Think about writing your resume as a tool, which you might logically produces to hav e the ability to target a particular job and to acquire the middle of the business. Next, to stick out in the great way, show that youve got a good grasp of theoretical computer science. Since a resume isnt only employed for applying for internships and jobs, its imperative to receive one going since you will probably need it when applying to colleges also. On-line colleges have come to be the very best ally to older adults who would like to progression in the competitive workforce. Employers only have to college approximately builder you reside in connection with the workplace. Most employers wish to observe a resume too.

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Interview Tips for Hiring Interns - Spark Hire

Interview Tips for Hiring Interns - Spark HireLast week we talked about the importance of taking your pro domoship job postings seriously. It is important to come up with and post a thorough job description, make contact with local colleges, and have a clear idea of the type of compensation you can provide. Once this process is complete, you will (hopefully) have a manageable quantity of applications trickle in which then leads to the interview process. Like advertising for interns, interviewing interns should be taken as seriously as a full-time employee. This is because good summer help can often turn into good full-time helpnot to mention the fact that you dont want to work with a crummy intern all summer. Here are some interview tips for your internship candidates questions to ask, and warning signs to watch out for.First, begin your interview by giving the candidate background on your company and the position. Most interns work as summer help to gain valuable work experience tha t will open professional doors for them down the road. In order to get top talent, it is important to sell the value of an internship with your company. This is where you will be glad that you formulated such a specific and goal-oriented job description.Second, check out a few lists of great interview questions to ask. Dont be afraid to keep it simple, for the most part. Questions likeWhat are you studying and why?Why did you apply for this internship position?What extracurricular activities are you involved in?Feel free to ask a bit more about an interns college experience, if they are a college student. For interns, college classes and extracurricular activities are the equivalent of job experience. Then feel free to inquire about work habits and other normal professional questionsDescribe a time when you had a difficult work situation that you had to overcome.How do you manage multiple projects at once?unterstellung questions will help you determine how the intern will function a s good summer help.In addition to these interview tips, lets talk a bit about red flags to watch out for when interviewing interns. Be wary of interns who areUnenthusiastic interns should be passionate about their field and about the opportunity to work with professionals as summer help.Self-centered interns should think of their internships as learning experiences, not opportunities to show off.Not knowledgeable about your company and the position this shows a lack of interest.These interview tips for intern candidates should help you nab the perfect talent for your company. Stay tuned for next week, when well go over tips for managing those interns once you have them.What interview tips do you have for interviewing summer help? Start a conversation below

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Upgrade Your Phone to Improve Your Job Search

Upgrade Your Phone to Improve Your Job SearchUpgrade Your Phone to Improve Your Job SearchConsider upgrading your mobile device to a smart phone to demonstrate your tech savvy and continue the job search on the go. Week 3 of New Year, New You.The past two weeks weve worked on upgrading your look and re-engineering your resume to get past the digital gatekeepers. This week I want to focus on a tool you might elend have considered as part of your job-search arsenal until now your mobile device.With all the advances in technology, we now have the ability to work remotely from almost anywhere in the world. That also means were expected to be more responsive when someone reaches out to us on the phone, via email even through a message on a social media site like LinkedIn or Facebook. Owning a phone that allows you to not only communicate via email, but also utilize websites and apps with ease should be a part of every job seekers strategy. Below are five reasons why you should consider up grading your phone to upgrade your search.Dont be dated by your phoneShowing up to an interview with something other than a smart phone is as bad as mentioning your account on MySpace or using an AOL email address it dates you. While you dont need to be an early adopter (unless your work requires it), you do need to stay far away from any outdated technology that makes you look out of touch. This is even more important if youre facing age discrimination in the job search. Have an interview tomorrow and no time to upgrade your device? Be sure to keep your phone hidden away and remember to silence or turn it off before you reach the employers office building.Respond to recruiters right awayIf a recruiter reaches out to you requesting your resume, you need to be able to respond immediately not when you get home later that night. The ugly truth is that youll be forgotten moments after the recruiter hits the send button. Thats the beauty of owning a smartphone or tabletcomputer you ca n store a copy of your resume on the device, allowing you to forward your resume on to a recruiter or networking contact at a moments notice. This is especially helpful for those of you who are employed and searching on the sly this way, you can be responsive at the office while avoiding the risk that comes with using company equipment for your search (a big no-no).Theres an app for thatEach day more and more businesses are coming out with apps to support their mobile customers. If you still think of fried calamari when someone talks about their favorite app, youre in trouble. Check out the companys website and apps as part of your interview prep. If youre targeting tech companies, its almost guaranteed theyll ask about your favorite websites and apps, as it helps them figure out if youll be a good cultural fit for the organization. Take a look at your phones app store anddownload a few to test out. My new favorite is HootSuite, which is completely free and helps me manage my Twitt er and Facebook feeds. Click on the following link to view some of my favorite apps for managing your career.Maintain a mobile searchIve said it before and Ill say it again searching for a job is a full-time job. fruchtwein experts recommend spending anywhere from 20 to 40 hours a week on the job search, depending upon your employment status. And thats just for your job search I know youre all juggling a number of other priorities at the same time. A mobile device can allow you to take what was once consider downtime and turn it into valuable job-search time. Stuck in a long line at the grocery store? Pull out your iPhone and use Ladders free app to identify job matches on-the-go, discover new job opportunities, and scout out the competition.Commuting to the office? Start drafting cover letters or messages for your networking contacts during the train ride.Opt for a budget-friendly optionIs a new device out of your budget? Use sites like eBay to purchase an older version of the iPh one or Android. You dont need the latest iPhoneto reap the benefits I mentioned above. You can also check out sites like Wirefly, TechBargins, and for discounted mobile devices and tablets.Consider how a smarter phone could make your job search more efficient and do a little window shopping this week. Click on the following link to read the last weeks assignment for a New Year, New You Mobilize your professional resume. Next week well tackle a big one overhauling your online brand get ready

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This is how to make a very memorable introduction

This is how to make a very memorable introductionThis is how to make a very memorable introductionFirst impressions can set the stage for your interaction with a client or coworker - or even a whole conference room of people. You want to come across as memorable, friendly and respected when you offer a few lines about yourself, so how can you nail it every time?According to a Princeton study, people can form judgments about others inunder one second, and thats just based on appearances. At first glance and with the following introduction, you have a short time span to establish how others see you. Here are six ways you can introduce yourself so that people remember you.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and more1. Describe yourself and why you matterYou might be tempted to give a canned response when someone asks you about yourself and what you do. Dont fall into the trap of responding qu ickly to get it over with. Rather than stopping after your personenname, title and location, keep your introduction going with significant details about yourself.Communicate your value to new people, whether youre in a meeting or networking. Go a little further than sharing information that an acquaintance could also rattle off about you. Explain your experience, give a summary of your past accomplishments and present your current goals. In the workplace, this strategy will help people recall your name and face later on.2. Distinguish yourselfWhen you work in a setting where new people drift in and out, you might begin to tune out the basic details of an introduction. And the people you meet operate in the same way. Listening is aunique concentration skillthat falters when information is repetitive and begins to blend together. Set yourself apart from other introductions by grabbing peoples attention.Break away from the repetitive or predictable pattern that most people use during a first meeting. Include why youre passionate about your position and what you hope to accomplish through it. If youre meeting with a client, tell them what you aim to do for them and why youre different from the competition.3. Watch your body languageYour body language can impact someones impression of you just as much as your words can. People make judgments based on posture and gestures, and you probably dont pick up on these habits and behaviors in the moment. Strive to maintain eye contact and comfortable but straight posture during an introduction.Fidgeting, crossing your arms and interrupting can be perceived negatively, especially during an introduction. You can be remembered for the wrong reasons in this case. In the workplace,be aware of negative body languageso that you can redirect your actions for a better impression.4. Bridge cultural gapsIf you work with people from multiple backgrounds and cultures, you need to consider how your actions come across. In a diverse setti ng, you can prepare to interact with people in a polite and intentional way. Whilethere are no universal manners, you can show kindness and positivity in your interactions.Research international and regional differences so that you dont accidentally offend or miscommunicate during an initial meeting. Cultural gaps arent easy to bridge, so thoroughly prepare before you introduce yourself.5. Practice beforehandSpeaking to yourself in the mirror or to a nearby pet may leave you feeling silly, but you can gain confidence when youve prepared a polished introduction. Repeating the right posture, gestures and verbal introduction can improve your performance.You can effectively make a memorable impression bypracticing in front of an audience, even if its a small one made up of just your friends or family. Preparing your interesting opening lines can reduce nervousness and uncertainty.6. Consult your innerhalb circleIf youre struggling with what intriguing facts you can share with new acquai ntances, ask those closest to you. Sometimes your coworkers, friends and family can identify your strengths better than you can.Also, ask for honest feedback from your inner circle. Open the floor to hear how you can improve your introduction and make yourself more appealing. You canbenefit from accurate feedbackwhen you implement it at your next meeting.7. Be sincere and follow upEven though practice is helpful, keep your introduction authentic. One quality that people identify quickly on the first impression is trustworthiness, so your sincerity can increase your chances of being remembered.Follow up with the people you meet so that you can lock down your face and name in their memory. This strategy, also known as the mere exposure effect, aims for creating anincreasingly better opinion of youwith more interaction.This article originally appeared on Punched Clocks.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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Additive Manufacturing with In Situ Resource Utilization on Ex...

Additive Manufacturing with In Situ Resource Utilization on Ex... Additive Manufacturing with In Situ Resource Utilization on Ex... Additive Manufacturing with In Situ Resource Utilization on Extra-Terrestrial Bodies2018 Arthur L. Williston Medal Winning Paper AbstractBy Noah M. PurdyCrewed exploration of space is moving beyond low Earth orbit towards the exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond 1. However, space exploration is expensive, especially deep space missions. Despite dropping launch costs and the introduction of reusable boosters, transporting massive, bulky supplies and equipment to the Moon, Mars, or beyond is a huge obstacle to the future of spaceflight. One way to bridge this obstacle is In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), which makes use of werkstoff already at or near the destination to reduce the amount of material and supplies that need to be taken from Earth. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a likely way in which in situ resources will be used. By looking at curren t academic research and industrial development, this paper explores how additive manufacturing using in situ resources may be the key to unlocking the next stage of human space exploration.In theory, ISRU is simple enough, instead of bringing supplies with you to your destination, use what is already there. But when it comes time to determine the logistics and technical details, it can quickly turn into a complex challenge. Therefore, the simplest ISRU systems should be the first to be employed. These will likely harvest water and fuel by collecting regolith with a rover and heating it to extract the water, which can then be converted to hydrogen, oxygen, and even Methane 2,3. However, for long term exploration, more complex ISRU systems must be developed, to allow for the construction of infrastructure, such as habitats, solar collection, greenhouses, vehicles, and workstations. These structures are made up of many different materials, so for an extra-terrestrial manufacturing syst em to be practical, it would need to produce components in a wide range of materials for various applications. The best technique that allows for the efficient manufacturing of components from a wide range of materials is Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, where components are constructed layer by layer. Of the seven main types of AM, Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) and Material Extrusion (ME) appear to be the best methods for use on extra-terrestrial bodies 4.PBF consists of a focused energy beam that selectively heats up areas of a thin layer of powered material, to either melt, fuse, or sinter the material together. It can use a very wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, and some ceramics. Precision and surface finish are dependent on layer thickness, energy beam thickness, and energy beam accuracy, but generally very detailed parts can be produced, with respectable material properties and a fine surface finish 5. In extra-terrestrial environments, the re are several potential materials that could be used with PBF. One of the simplest is to use the Lunar or Martian regolith itself with no modification 6. For more detailed components, metals such as aluminum and iron could be used, as they could be refined out of the regolith on both the Moon and Mars 7.The second method of AM that has potential is ME, which consists of a gantry mounted nozzle that extrudes material to create each layer. It can function with most materials that are softened when heated, such as thermoplastics, or any fluid material that cures or hardens over time, such as concrete. A potential material for ME manufacturing on Mars is polyethylene, either in the form of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which can be produced from carbon dioxide on the Marian surface using the Sabatier and the modified Fischer-Tropsch reactions 8. Lunar and Martian regolith might also be able to be used directly as a building material for ME, with t he addition of a binding agent 9.A potential problem with relying on additive manufacturing for a significant portion of the infrastructure of an extra-terrestrial mission is the long cycle times. Even with the fastest AM techniques, printing a significant quantity of material could take a significant portion of the 12 to 18-month duration of a mission 10. In addition to this, if the infrastructure is intended to be built prior to crew arrival, it must operate independent of humans. However, most current or proposed AM architectures are based around a human user. To truly develop useful AM technology on extra-terrestrial bodies, full automation is necessary to both increase efficiency and to allow the fabrication of components in the absence of humans.There are several companies currently pursuing Earth-bound automated AM systems. Voodoo manufacturing, which operates over 160 off the shelf, ME desktop 3D printers, has recently begun the task of automating some of their processes, wi th the desire to eventually automate their whole factory 11. They purchased and integrated a robotic obere extremitt to reduce human bottlenecks, which increased productivity threefold 12. Another company, Formlabs is working on a similar setup, but taking it a step further. They are creating an automated work cell that consists of five, off the shelf, desktop 3D printers, a robotic gantry manipulator, and a post-processing station, which promises to produce finished parts with no human interaction13. NextgenAM Project, a joint venture between AEROTEC, EOS, and Daimler AG, are taking a slightly different approach. Instead of trying to automate an AM machine designed for human operators, they are working to integrate the automation and AM into one system14. While Voodoo Manufacturing and Formlabs are focused on ME AM processes, designed to mass produce plastic components, NextgenAM is looking to produce anywhere from single prototypes to medium batches of PBF metal alloy parts. To cr eate an effective AM system on an extra-terrestrial body, both methods should be included, ME for plastics and polymers as well as PBF for metal alloys. Noah M. Purdy The University of Akron, Akron, OhioIn conclusion, in situ resource utilization will play a key role in crewed deep space exploration, and additive manufacturing will likely be the best way to implement it. However, before this can happen, further development is necessary. The first problem is determining how a feedstock for an AM system can be extracted from in situ resources. Potential solutions include using the regolith directly with little or no processing, adding a liquid binder to the regolith, or refining the regolith to extract metals or polymer compounds. The second problem ISRU using AM faces is the difficulty of automation. A system on an extra-terrestrial body will need to be set up and made fully function, independent of a human interaction, and then continue to run for months if not years. ISRU is a key technology that needs developed before mankind extends its reach to extra-terrestrial bodies, and AM will likely play a key role in that development.ReferencesAdditive Manufacturing Research Group, Loughborough University. (2018).Powder Bed FusionRetrieved 28 February 2018,From about/the7categoriesofadditivemanufacturing/powderbedfusion/Bibring, J., Langevin, Y., Poulet, F., Gendrin, A., Gondet, B., Berth , M. et al. (2004).Perennial water ice identified in the south polar cap of Mars. Nature, 428(6983), 627-630.http//, J., Vleugels, J., Kruth, J. (2014).Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics A Review. Journal Of Ceramic Science And Technology, 5(4), 245-256.EOS 400-4 Ultra-fast quad-laser system for industrial 3D printing. (2018) 27 February 2018,From, W., Maurice, S., Lawrence, D., Little, R., Lawson, S., Gasnault, O. et al. (2001).Evidence for water ice near the lunar poles.Journal Of Geophysical Research Planets, 106(E10), 23231-23251.http//, M., Rosenberg, S. (2005).In Situ Production of High Density Polyethylene and Other Useful Materials on Mars. SAE Technical Papers, 1.https// (2018).Form Cell Automated 3D Printing Solutions.Retrieved 24 February 2018,From https// Goulas, A., Binner, J., Harris, R., Friel, R. (2017).Assessing extraterrestrial regolith material simulants for in-situ resource utilisation based 3D printing. Applied Materials Today, 6, 54-61.http//, A., Friel, R. (2016).3D printing with Moondust. Rapid Prototyping Journal, 22(6), 864-870.http//, A., Koube, K., Geisendorfer, N., Shah, R. (2017).Robust and Elastic Lunar and Martian Structures from 3D-Printed Regolith Inks. Scientific Reports, 7, 44931.http//dx, J. (2017).How Were Building a Robotic 3D Printing Factory. The Voodoo Manufacturing Blog.Retrieved 25 February 2018From http//, J. (2016).Johnson Space Center Engineering Directorate L-8 In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) Capabilities.National Aeronautics and Space Administration.Retrieved from https//, S. (2017).Collaborative NextGenAM Project Aims to Speed Up Automation of the Industrial 3D Printing Process. 25 February 2018,From https//, J. (2016).How a NASA Supplier Thermoplastic Firms Material Allow 3D Printing in Space. 25 February 2018,From https//

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Know Your Greatest Strengths

Know Your Greatest StrengthsKnow Your Greatest StrengthsResearch says those who capitalize on their inherent strengths are mora profitable and more productive. Find out which are yours and how to put them to use.Each of us has particular strengths talents in thinking, habitual ways we approach problems that give us energy to solve them. Research of more than two million people by the Gallup Organization has shown that organizations that capitalize on individual strengths are more likely to be profitable and productive than others.Can your work be more productive (and lucrative) if you leverage your strengths?Focusing on fixing individual weaknesses creates mediocrity instead, recognizing varied talents, encouraging them through training, then leveraging them to overcome challenges is the basis for excellence and fulfillment. Heres a perfect exampleSteve was a high-powered executive in the energy industry who recently was laid off. When we examined the reasons he was let go and compar ed them with an assessment of his talents, he realized that he had failed to bring to the job one of his greatest strengths - empathy.Raised in a British boarding school, Steve had been taught that it was weak to be so feelings oriented. In the workplace, however, understanding colleagues feelings can be an important quality that lends cohesion to a team. Its also a useful warning gauge when a company is in trouble.I knew what everyone was feeling and so could have positioned myself better, but I ignored the information, Steve admitted. If he had leveraged his empathetic talents, he might very well still have a job.Recent discoveries in neuroscience help explain why different people solve problems so differently. When were born, our brains have the potential to fire in any direction. Through relationships, experiences and genetics, they begin to fire in certain patterns. Because the brain cells that fire together wire together, they begin to make pathways the next time you think, y oure more likely to think again in that particular sequence. Then, during puberty, your brain sheds the capacity you havent used. By the time youre an adult, your brain is wired to think in certain ways, which is why using your talents creates excellence because you can do it faster and better than people who havent been thinking that way their whole lives.However, as Steve discovered to his detriment, we often cut ourselves off from our own special abilities. We may be focused on our flaws and unable to perceive our strengths. Or we may take them for granted. Or, like Steve, we may harbor pre conceived ideas of the right way to think and therefore disable ourselves.What are your strengths?There are many ways to understand your strengths. At Professional Thinking Partners, we often focus on domains of competence, which describe four broad categories of thinking. (Once you hear what they are, its pretty easy for you to intuit which your mind typically uses.) Research by Herrmann zwis chenstaatlich of a sample of over half a million people has found that 60 percent of us have two of these four 30 percent have three 6 percent have one and only 4 percent, all four. They areAnalyticConcerned with data, facts, and numbers focused on being logical and rational. With money, concerned with ways to count. With time, concerned with the present.ProceduralConcerned with processes, operationalizing, logistics, tactics. With money, concerned with ways to save. With time, concerned with the past, with how things have been done previously.RelationalConcerned with feelings, morale, teamwork, helping people grow. With money, concerned with ways to help. Time isnt so important.InnovativeConcerned with newness, possibilities, strategy, big picture. With money, concerned with ways to spend to do exciting new things. With time, concerned with the future.Notice your strongest domain(s). Which are your concerns in any given situation? Are you, like Ruth, energized by change, bored by n umbers and routine, highly innovative and have no use for people problems? Shes one of the 6 percent of the population strong in just one domain (in her case, the Innovative one). Or are you more like Dan great at numbers and following routines and highly uncomfortable with feelings and newness (analytic and procedural)? There is no right or wrong. Just notice whats true for you.Your dominant ways of thinking are the raw materials you bring to every situation in which you find yourself in. The more you put yourself in situations where theyre needed, the better youll be at the task.For instance, you probably dont want me to be the brainstorm person in product development, as I lack innovative thinking. But Im great at partnering with people who come up with the big ideas and helping them bring the idea into reality with my analytic, procedural and relational talents.Stuck?When youre stuck, ask yourself If my strength in ____ were a person, what would s/he advise right now?When Steve did this self-analysis, he realized that he was extremely strong at relational thinking but had been trained to avoid it. In effect, he was cutting himself off from his greatest capacity. He began to give himself permission to use his strengths and quickly found a job using his amazing capacity to relate to others. Now hes using those strengths to excel in a very challenging job fraught with all kinds of cultural and religious sensitivities in the Middle East.